There has been a recent article out about "monogamy not being natural".  There are reasons behind every view-point out there and some of them are all too often just because people do not stop to think before they speak. The opposite of monogamy is what many are calling 'natural'. Monogamy is a word that was created to describe or label and discern and define physically what a relationship is. The ability to have relationships were created so that people seeking the truth could develop sound relationships what what is truth. Not so that people could just go out and define it how they see fit.
Monogamy is not natural in the sense that HUMAN NATURE is natural. That does not mean that our human nature is just fine and dandy in all area of our life. Human nature is full of weakness and we all have different weaknesses. This does not mean that we have the right to make excuses for our weaknesses. We have the ability to make excuses for anything, but that does not mean that it is a right; just as the point I made that we have the ability to think and reason that the opposite of monogamy is 'just natural' so that we can make excuses for our behavior - but that does not give us the right to make excuses for that. Human nature is part of life, we all get that, at least to some degree. That does not mean that we NEED to make it a part of our life in every situation and just say, "its natural so I am going to do it." There are a lot of things about our human nature that should never be given into or made excuses for. But there is reason to be able to move on from it and become a different person. This does not mean you will never have a weakness again, but it does mean that you work in it everyday to make it better.
This also applies to food. We should work everyday to make better choices in every thing we do. But that does not give us the right to condemn other people's choices. Would we have done it differently? Probably. Ultimately it is between them and the Creator as to what choices anyone makes. It is not between you and them and the Creator. Everyone seeking truth strives to make progress daily. Will you hurt that process by your outside observation (or what you may thing is your inside observation)? In an ideal world, people would be able to have their own farm and their own food grow right in their back yard. If we are going to split hairs, lets start there. Are those that condemn others for eating a certain thing completely self sufficient? Were they EVER at one point or another NOT self sustained? Do they owe money to banks or other entities? The point is that we all have our ups and downs and we all have different backgrounds. You have never went through the things that I have been through at the exact point in your life as I did and probably none of us have been through exactly the same thing in life at any point as others in this world. That is what makes up individuals and not little yellow pencils. This does not mean that one person deserves more attention that any other. We should all be treated the same and if you do not have enough in common with someone, then seek commonality elsewhere. Do not try to change an individual around you because it cannot happen. Only they can change themselves. In the course of normal conversation (not where you have an agenda to pull the conversation in a certain direction) you can help people make better decisions by increasing their knowledge. Have you ever heard anyone say, "I have not thought of it quite like that before!"? That is not because you force-fed them and demanded they become like you because you have it all figured out. None of us have it all figured out. It is like comparing buckets of water. You bucket of information that you hold dear and another person with their bucket of information that they hold dear means nothing in the grad scheme of things when there is an ocean of knowledge out there and none of us have begun to scratch the surface. When you condemn others for not being at the same point in their lives as you seem to think you are, then all you are is a part of the problem, not part of the solution. People that are negative about things at every turn will never be able to help anyone. Their family members will tolerate them, but outside of that, there will be no real growth. There is a saying that goes as follows: "I am not insulting you, I am describing you." In many cases this is absolutely true when referring to those that are negative all the time, never contributing to the solution. Its like background noise when you are actually trying before the Creator to become something better. That daily process. Those that do not care to be a part of the solution are described as people who present not so new questions and problems and very few and far between, if any, answers and solutions. The bad FAR out-weighs the good and the effect is has on someone striving to overcome is catastrophic. We must be careful to be encouraging and edifying and not nay-saying and negative. All too often those that are nay-sayers are never careful about anything. There is a way to correctly do something and there is a way to completely foul it up. A fool will look at you and think that if you are not where they are at that point in time where they think you should be, that you are "lost". They have made a grave error in their preaching that there is no room for error.
Human nature is a tool that can be used all too often to foul things up. We are born with it and it is something that we must work on every day to overcome. We must overcome ourselves and that is a hard enough task. But to have to overcome the catastrophes to stumble upon that others place before you at the same time is nothing that you HAVE to live with. Place them outside of your life and work on what you must work on and surround yourself with those that edify and encourage you throughout it all as a REAL family that wants each other to overcome - not stand in line with what someone else believes. Just because they believe it does not make it right. It is called their own "doctrine" for a reason. We must all be in search of what is right and that is a daily task.
Monogamy is natural because we were created to ultimately choose one thing. We cannot have anything "both ways". We have choices and decisions in our lives for a reason. In the end that will be made manifest and magnified so much more than we can imagine in our tiny minds right now.
In the case of calling the opposite of monogamy 'natural' that I started out with; It is natural if you want to call human nature natural as well. But it is just as damaging because it is a part of the human nature that so easily besets us if we allow it to through our weaknesses. That does not mean that it is natural as food is natural and that we should partake of it as we would a meal and think of it the same as any natural thing that we should choose from on our daily buffet of choices.
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